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Goldendoodle/ Labradoodle Litter (ID Whites, Creams, Apricots)

This is for the upcoming litters that we have.  The $500 is for the deposit, total price is $1500.

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It's a Boy!

F1b Labradoodle Litter (ID F1b Labradoodle)

This is for the Labradoodle litter that was born April 14th. The total price is $1500, and we require a $500 deposit to get on the waiting list.

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It's a Boy!


Harley is very smart. She learned sit within 24 hours. I now don't have to say sit before I put the leash on to go outside, she knows when we go to the door to sit automatically. I also spent 2 days working on 'stay' and by the end of the second day I can backup all the way across the living room and she stays put till I say 'come'. My fiance has fallen in love with her and keeps trying to sneek her into bed at night instead of making her sleep in the crate. It makes my sad to see that her brother hasn't found a home yet.. I sure hope someone takes him home soon! I will send pictures soon, as soon as I can get some good ones of her and Topaz together.

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