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Cute Kate (ID F1 Goldendoodle)

I'm a playful, and loving little girl with a soft fluffy coat. My ideal forever home is with a family that will be happy with unlimited kisses and unconditional love from me, and in return all I ask for is the same from you.  I am hypo-allergenic, and up to date on all my shots.  The total price is $1500.

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It's a Girl!

Ballerina (ID F1 Labradoodle)

I'm a very sweet girl, I will be non-shedding and hypo-allergenic. I am super smart and very affectionate.  I love to play hide and seek in the grass and when you find me I will give you unlimited tail wags and kisses!  I am ready for my forever home now.  I'll have my shots. Please hurry and put a deposit on me because I want to live with ...

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It's a Girl!

Dark Chocolate (ID F1 Labradoodle)

I may not be made out of chocolate, but I am just as sweet.  Humans keep telling me that I am just as addictive too!  Just one look into my big green eyes will let you know that I am yours!  So stop looking and pick me!

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It's a Boy!

Gayle Samson

I am so glad you got in touch with me as I had lost your number and want to show a picture of our precious Jake. I am not making this up when I tell you that every single day when I take him for a walk someone stops my car and tells me that he should be in the movies. I am not kidding. Not only that he is huge! The firs time I to the Vet he fell asleep on the table. Now every time he weighs him he can't believe it. He must be about 65 lbs. At the end of the month we are getting him fixed. He is the sweetest, most agreeable dog in the world. He loves all dogs and all people. He is also a wise-guy. But it is impossible to get mad at this face. He doesn't chew my shoes, he just steals them and puts them on his "place" so that I know he can out wit me. He has eaten everything from a small coconut, to sewing needles and razor blades before he learned his lesson. My Vet says he must be a goat because nothing ever happens to him. He is my baby boy and I try so hard not to spoil him. Everybody loves him. He is so silly. He doesn't like to swim which is a bit of a disappointment, but I think it is just because he is still a puppy. Next summer I predict he will be jumping in the pool. He is a pretty good watch dog when he is in the house, but outside he just licks everybody to death. I hope you are well. Here are a few pics. Everybody says e should have named him Chewbacka (Starwars) cause he is so fluffy. Or Alf for the old cartoon. But my grandson wanted to name him Jake Sully after the hero in Avatar so Jake it is. I am so happy with this dog and cannot thank you enough. Easily toilet trained, Only used the crate for about a month. I leave him alone in the house and all is well. But I don't go out for long periods of time. 3 hours max for the time being.

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